12 January, 2018

Call for Paper

Human history shows that society keeps on changing. It shifts from the hunter and gatherer society, to the agrarian society, to industrial society, to information society and currently, to the society, which is characterized by Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This latest society is called Society 5.0, a society where all its problems are solved through a connected science and technology such as robotics, communication technology, Big data, artificial intelligent and so forth. Performance of this society is determined by innovations from various stakeholders.

International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2018 (ICISS 2018) is a conference with purpose to gather various international stakeholders from academic circles, professionals, government, and communities to discuss and share their experiences regarding the innovation that can be used to solve various human civilization problems at the city or state level.  Implementation of this activity is expected to pave the way in facing the era of Society 5.0.

This International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2018 (ICISS 2018) will be held for two days. The first day of the event consist of conference and discussions about the latest development and implementation of smart city-related issues and technology, hosted by various stakeholders. For this opportunity, we have invited several prominent keynote speakers with competence and related expertise on smart city development from throughout the world. The second day of the event consist of presentations from professionals and academicians regarding smart city, smart society and society 5.0 and related research.

Specific themes that will be explored in this opportunity would be “Collaboration and Innovation toward Smart City  Society 5.0”, with correlating subthemes as follows:

(These Topics of interest include, but are not limited to)


  • ICT Infrastructure as Enabler for Smart City
  • Smart City Infrastructure Management
  • Etc.


  • Smart System Platform
  • Smart City Model
  • Smart City Evaluation and Measurement
  • Smart System Integration
  • Smart Province
  • Smart Regency
  • Smart Village


  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Industry
  • Smart Resource
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Transport
  • Smart Government/Public Services
  • Smart Society
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Payment
  • Smart Commerce
  • Smart Identity
  • Etc.


  • Smart Governance
  • Smart City Architecture
  • Smart Strategy
  • Smart Risk Management
  • Data and Information Governance
  • Information Quality Management
  • Etc.


  • Data Mining for Big Data
  • Business Intelligence for Smart City
  • Data visualization and Smart City Dashboard
  • Artificial intelligence for Smart City Services
  • IoT and Controll Technology City Services
  • Data Security dan Technology
  • Blockchain Technology for Smart City
  • Etc.